There are many advantages to having a girlfriend and of course there are disadvantages too, if your girlfriend happens to think that she is a good masseuse but she is actually terrible this is one of the big disadvantages especially when there are so many escorts London has to offer that could do it for you. I’m sure many of you have been there before, you are complaining about an ache somewhere in your body and your girlfriend comes along and says that she is willing to give you a massage. Now this is of course a very lovely gesture from your girlfriend and of course you are not going to turn down such a nice and unselfish offer of a massage. So you get yourself ready in anticipation for the full service massage that you are about to get from your girlfriend. You may have never actually had a massage from her at this point but you think to yourself ‘how bad can it be?’, you may be in for a shock.

You lay down in place to receive your sensual massage in London only to realise that it is not so sensual and in fact it feels more like your girlfriend has just found out that you have been unfaithful and is purposefully trying to harm you then make you feel better. This can become a bit of a dilemma as you do not want to hurt your girlfriends feelings but you also do not want to feel any worse than you already do so you have a choice to make, do you just grin and bear it or do you risk upsetting her but telling her that getting a massage from her is like having an elephant trample on your back. The ongoing problem with this is that if you do not tell her then she may offer again in the future and this could potentially cause a problem, if your girlfriend comes along and offer you her full body massage services and you turn her down she will sense that something is up and may accuse you of not liking her massages. If you agree to it then you will have to go through the ordeal all over again.

The best thing to do in this situation is probably to be nice about it and say that whilst you love her massages you feel bad putting her out and making her give you massages when you could just visit a body massage parlour instead. Hopefully she will agree with you and you can then give a London escort a call and get a massage from a professional or of course go to a London escort parlour, either way you don’t deserve a bad massage from your girlfriend, wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

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