I am still yet to decide whether or not I am a big fan of tattoo’s or not. I have had many periods in my life when I have come very, very close to getting one, often after seeing someone else with a tattoo that I think is pretty cool, I have even been as far as going to a tattooist and talking about different designs. Whilst I do think they are quite cool and a good tattoo is almost like a piece of art on the body, on a female a certain kind of feminine tattoo can be quite sexy ( a number of the London escorts have nice tattoo’s) the only problem for me (and yes I know it is obvious) is the fact that they are permanent. It is easy to get one when we are younger and feel that we will like it forever simply because we like it at the time but this is often not the case when we actually get older it can often become something that we regret and this is what has always put me off of getting one.

I have often asked the London escorts what they think of different tattoo designs and whether or not I should get one but as with everyone I seem to ask their opinions are split. Some of them think that it is a bad idea to get tattoo’s because, as I always say, it is forever, where as the other escorts in London that do have tattoo’s inevitably think that it is a great idea. Most of the people that I have come across that have tattoo’s seem to have a slight addiction to them, everyone that gets one always starts talking about wanting more and this makes me think that the pain surely cannot be that bad. Despite how bad it sounds to have a needle penetrate nine layers of skin and permanently inject ink to create a design it does not seem as though it can be that bad if so many people that get one want more, including some of the London escorts, I often hear the girls talking about wanting more, and where to get them and how much they like the one they have.

The worst thing to happen is to get a tattoo and end up not liking it, at this point you have two options, either try to hide the fact that you have it or get it lasered off which is both costly and very painful. There are so many factors that are involved with getting one that it puts me off, so for now, whilst I sit on the fence I will just have to look at the sexy tattoos of the busty escorts in London.

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