The wedding season will soon be upon us! My first one is in a couple of months. You might think that’s ages away yet, so why is it even crossing my mind? Well then you obviously haven’t considered the importance of these events to a woman’s wardrobe and her social calendar. A wedding, first and foremost, is a place to be seen – and by a lot of people, many of them whom you won’t know yet you’ll probably be spending a large portion of the day with them. As London escorts know only too well, young women are judged heavily on their looks, so there is always an onus at weddings to look pretty damn good. After all, your friends are getting married and are so ‘off the shelf’, so it’s now up to you to pick up the baton and show everyone that you are, indeed, marriage material!

Obviously, for people that are already happily ensconced in relationships, this drive to attain understated, wedding-chic sex appeal that might catch wondering eyes tired of the bridal gown, is much less pronounced. Still, you want to show everyone what a gorgeous couple you make so a certain amount of effort is needed.

But for single people, this status very much comes under the spotlight at weddings. The last thing you want is for other guests to be looking at you thinking ‘Poor girl, bet she wishes she was getting married today. Wonder why she hasn’t got anyone?’ So to avoid this I always make sure that I’ve done my best to look drop dead gorgeous on the happy day (although obviously not out-shining the bride. You don’t need to outshine her, she’s married now – just all the other single women there) and affect a casual ‘I’m gorgeous, happy, and single by choice’ air that makes everyone admire your strength and independence. Hence why I need to start planning my wardrobe two months in advance – to make sure I have that killer dress with matching shoes and bag, so that I’m not in danger of being a wedding saddo. On the day itself I try my best not to get too drunk or behave immaturely (like on other Saturdays), so that there’s no risk of people pointing fingers at the desperate, attention-seeking single girl with the wine-stained dress.

Despite the stresses of attending weddings, I don’t mind going as a single person. After all, I’m unlikely to meet a nice ‘wedding buddy’ if I’ve got a plus one in tow. Some people hate this though, and always rather have a companion with them – which is why blonde escorts in London, and busty escorts in London, get to see so many people getting married every year!

If you do prefer to take a date, there’s nothing more dazzling than a London escort to boost your kudos with the other guests. But you might have to ask her to be at 50% on the day, so as not to steal the bride’s thunder!

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