Having been to a couple of festivals this summer I was advised by some of the escorts in London to perhaps have a little detox as I was feeling a little under the weather. Drinking lots of alcohol, eating rubbish food and getting only a few hours sleep a night in a boiling hot tent that could double up as a sauna is never the best thing for the body and of course I am not a teenager anymore so this sort of thing does take its toll. I felt really unwell and probably looked even worse than I felt and I was advised by the ever helpful London escorts to have a detox, make sure that no bad stuff went into my body for a little while until I felt in good shape again. This means no alcohol, no smoking and no junk food, pretty much 3 of my favourite things, but I have learnt to listen to their advice much like I have learnt to listen to what my mother tells me so I have been detoxing for the past week and it is actually alright, I have not felt like committing suicide due to withdrawl symptoms as of yet so things are going OK.

I have done my best to try and eat only healthy stuff, lots of salad, lots of fruit and lots of vegetables and it wasn’t that appealing at first but when you start to feel the difference that eating in this way is making it does start to get quite addictive. I have often heard some of the escorts London has to offer talking about having mini detox periods and thought that they sounded horrible but I can now see why people do it but what helps massively is the fact that I have given myself an end date, I know it is not forever and I each day that goes by brings me a step closer to being able to indulge in some of my favourite things again. But this is not to say that I will dive straight back in and start drinking loads and eating fast food, I will try and keep up this healthy living thing for a little while as I do not wish to feel like I did after those festivals again, I don’t think my body would be to happy with that if I am honest.

If any of you are a little sceptical about the idea of going on a detox then perhaps a good way to do it would be to hire one of the many fine escorts London has to offer as your little treat,  you will soon forget about your craving for beer and burgers when you have a sexy London escort by your side.

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