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I was a bit annoyed yesterday to have invested over ten quid in a fancy new mascara, just to discover that it didn’t live up to its promises. It’s a L’Oreal one called something like ‘Voluminous Million Lashes’, and I saw it advertised on TV by the gorgeous actress Eva Longoria of ‘Desperate Housewives’ fame (now she would make one very popular Hot Girl in London Usually very levelheaded, on this occasion I was wowed by a glitzy advert and the endorsement of a very glam Hollywood star. Needing some fresh make up anyway, I bought the product yesterday and rushed home eager to try it out. It’s supposed to basically give your eyelashes the look of fullness, as if multiplied in number. Unfortunately, mine just ended up looking a bit gloopy. Obviously this was very annoying as I had let my guard down for once and decided to place some trust in the advertisers, rather than just going for my normal £4 mascara brand.

Ok, so no major disaster, you live and learn etc. But it did kick of a conversation with my friends last night about how annoying it is that advertisers always artificially enhance their products to encourage people to buy them. Have you seen Cheryl Cole showing off her glossy tresses for L’Oreal hair dye? It does look amazing in the ad, but it’s a fairly well known fact that she was wearing hair extensions. So buying that same dye in the hope that it might make you look even a little bit like the gorgeous Miss Cole in that advert is very misguided. Of course the advertisers cover themselves legally by placing small-print disclaimers on their ads, but they’re usually quite small and only visible for a couple of seconds. I think it’s pretty unethical that products are allowed to be artificially enhanced in adverts, and my friends all agree.

I think some men that are booking a busty escort in London via the internet are worried that the girl that turns up on their date won’t look anything like her glam photo on the website. They see all these impossible gorgeous girls, such as sexy blonde escorts in London, and find it difficult to believe all these girls exist in the same city! In truth, of course, what you see is what you’re going to get. Obviously the girls want to look extra amazing in their photos, but they know that if they don’t live up to the expectations of their clients work will dry up pretty fast. Therefore they make every possible effort to dazzle with their looks, character and poise, and even get quite competitive about it! After all, London escorts have all fallen prey to the lies of advertisers themselves, and certainly don’t want to do the same thing to their trusting clients. You can be sure that if you see a jaw-dropping Amazonian blonde with fantastic breasts and the perfect figure on the website – that’s the very same, real-life girl that will be drinking wine with you in a few hours time!

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