No free Lunch but free coffee with London Escorts

Isn’t it great when you get things for free?! A girl at the bar near the London escort agency office last night didn’t know which buttons on the till to press for my whiskey and coke – so she just gave it to me for free! Ahhh I love newbies and freebies! I remember when I was at uni there was a coffee machine in the canteen that actually managed to produce quite a decent drink. I always like to get a coffee before my lecture and take it in with me – apart from helping to keep me awake it also made me feel all intellectual and grown-up. Anyway, one day not only did the machine produce my coffee but it also delivered my 70p payment back at the same time. Obviously, this made me quite happy, and I was even happier every time I went back and discovered the problem still hadn’t been identified or fixed by the staff.

I silently congratulated the student body on keeping schtum and went back for free coffee on a regular basis. I felt slightly guilty, but appeased myself with the knowledge that I regularly felt conned by the rip-off prices charged for lunches in the canteen. However, things became more difficult when, after about six weeks of free coffees, the machine began to actually give me money as well as my coffee. It would produce the drink, then my original payment, and then it would spew out a few extra coins for good measure – a little more every time. I began to feel that maybe I was being videoed as part of an experiment, and my conscience pricked a little more. I got over it though, and was very disappointed when someone fixed the devilish machine. The coffee never tasted so good after that.So the moral of the story is – free things hold great appeal just by virtue of being free.Coffee with London Escorts

It’s not often that great things in life are free however, so I think it’s also important to make the best of things that are great value. Sometimes the rush you get from discovering a fantastic bargain is as good as that from receiving a freebie. For example, before Christmas, a friend and I were lucky enough to find a seven-day inclusive holiday to the Canary Islands for £200. It turned out to be a really great hotel and apartment, and we were thrilled at what we got for our money.

Dating a blonde escort in London, or a busty escort in London, is another example of fantastic value for money. At just £110 per hour, you can have one of the most beautiful women in the city at your beck and call. If you earn a good wage, this cost is just a fraction of what you make – yet what you get in return is, in some senses, priceless. It seems a bit odd that you can even put a monetary value on something like the company and intimacy of another human, but I guess it’s necessary! London escorts are worth every penny.

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