Many people of London are happy with London escorts!

When people want to go and get something to eat with one of the fine escorts London has to offer they often think that dinner is the only option, when you go out with a female, especially ones as sexy as a our London escort girls are you will usually want to make it an evening thing, perhaps because you want to go home with them to spend some intimate time together or so that you can go out with them afterwards to a bar or club but people often forget that there are other meals in the day that can be just as nice to take one of the girls out to. Breakfast is seen as the most important meal of the day and sometimes it does not get much better than eating a good breakfast, whether it is a full English or more European style crossaint and jam, a good breakfast can be quite a treat and living in London there are plenty of places to go and get a nice breakfast, from good quality greasy spoon cafe’s to more high end swanky restaurants that do their own healthier versions of English breakfasts there is a lot of choice and having worked with them for so long now I can say with great confidence that the London escorts are big fans of a good breakfast and they are always likely to be free at that time if you wish to hire them for an early breakfast and massage.

I recently visited the aptly named restaurant known as ‘The Breakfast Club’ (yes it has been named after the famous film) and I had a great breakfast there. One of the escorts in London suggested it to me as she had been taken there over the weekend. I often listen to the suggestions of where to eat from the London escorts as they have a lot more experience of fine dining then I do considering that they have been taken everywhere from Michelin star restaurants to posh little cafe’s, I am pretty certain that they know what they are talking about when it comes to eating good food. She suggested that I visit the Shoreditch branch of the Breakfast Club but there are quite a few of them to choose from doted around London,  Oxford Street and Angel to name a couple.

I have to say that it was an inspired choice and I must take my hat off both to the London escort that suggested it and the guy that took her there because I think I will be frequently visiting this place. Their breakfasts were great, they did full on English breakfasts as well as huge American style plates with stacks of pancakes, eggs, bacon and all the rest, and the added bonus is that it is not that expensive. So if you feel like a change and you want to take an escort in London out for breakfast or brunch then look no further then the Breakfast

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