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The thing with us Brits is that we absolutely love to complain, you can be sure if there is something to have a whinge about we will definitely do it. Whether it is the government, our jobs or the old favourite… the weather we will always have something that is making us unhappy.

The weather is always a funny one, throughout the months when it was freezing cold we all moaned that it is never nice weather here, it is cold and dark and depressing, we all wished for a bit of sunshine that never came, for weeks and months on end everyone spoke about how much they wish it could be nice and warm and now it is…. guess what is happening… yes, people are having a moan, unbelievable. It is too hot in the London escort HQ according to the London escort girls where as a few weeks ago it was too cold, just can’t win! Londoners are probably the chief complainers in the UK, we love to moan about all manner of different things and when the sun comes out the moaning does start to come out, despite the fact that the weather is nice. The heat can sometimes be quite difficult to escape whilst in London, of course there is no beach or seaside escape and the parks are usually full to the brim the second the sun comes from behind the clouds, so it is difficult to enjoy the sun as much as w might like to in London but at least we have a whole host of gorgeous girls, including the escorts in London of course to admire as they start to shed all of the winter clothes in favour of summer dresses and flip flops.

Being in the capital when the sun is out is not that bad at all though, especially if you are spending your time with good people. There are plenty of quieter spots that you can find if you know the city quite well and if you have hired a London escort  than you are already on your way to having a good time, it is just about finding the right spot. Personally I think that London is lovely when the sun comes out, there are so many pubs with nice beer gardens and so many nice parks in every area that there is always something to do and not to mention the fact that everyone seems to have what could even be described as a smile on their face, which is quite a rarity for London, so long may the sunshine continue.

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