How you got your girl using internet

If you’re under 25 you will find it hard to believe what it was like before the Internet. Even I sit there and wonder how we managed. It must be the biggest revolution since the Industrial Revolution. One thing I notice is young people’s approach to sex. I have a 15 year old nephew and his knowledge about sex is simply staggering. He has ready access to porn…if not at home at other kids houses where the parents aren’t internet savvy and not only is he watching it, but it seems the girls are too. I the night time mostly the online girls are available.there is also Live Escorts in some time

The end result is that our children are growing up with a pretty warped impression of what sex and love is all about. (don’t cast the stone I know what you’re thinking). It’s all about huge cocks..thrusted into every orifice imaginable, maybe two guys at a time and the girls of course love it don’t they?. It’s sad to see our youth corrupted in this way and boys developing with such a lack of respect for girls but it seems the girls are almost as bad…beam me up Scotty!!

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