Fantasy Time!

Get him to tell you who he thinks is horny and then become her. Tell him his wife is dull and boring and that you’re going to do things to him that she never does. Be hornier than ever, and he’ll adore you for it.

Then next time it will be your turn to name someone you’d like to fuck, and your man will do all he can to make sure your fantasy is fulfilled.

Give this fantasy a go, the fun of this is that you are both acting out parts knowingly, as opposed to fantasizing away and not saying anything!

Oral Sex with a difference

When a woman is giving oral sex to a man, generally speaking she prefers to be in control for obvious reasons. But why not do it a different way…

Have a go at this. Put your hands together with your thumbs crossed and fingers intertwined to make a little hole, like a vagina. Moisten this with your saliva and hold your hands in front of your mouth. Basically your man is going to have a double door oral experience and you can stop him getting too enthusiastic with your hands.

This is something that can be done while you lie down with your head on some pillows with him straddling you, because again you can use your hands to slow him down if necessary.

Satisfaction: The Art of Female Orgasm

This is a book that Kim Cattrell (famously Samantha Jones in Sex in the City) and her then husband Mark Levinson wrote to improve women’s chances of actually reaching orgasm.

It has long been known that most women get more stimulated and are more likely to achieve orgasm with clitoral stimulation, so the book recommends this simple tip to achieve this goal. After arousal, the man slips two fingers deeply into her vagina so that they are under her clitoris. Curling his fingers, he pushes up gently, one at a time and takes her clitoris in his mouth for sucking and tongue play.

The book also suggests that penetration should only happen after she’s climaxed at least once and that oral sex on a woman should be done for a minimum of ‘ten or twenty minutes, or even hours’.

Sounds great to me….

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