It is never any fun having to be in a room or go to a party or event when people that you do not like are around. Personally I find it very difficult to be fake, I cannot really  pretend to want to speak to someone that I cannot stand, nor can I feign caring about what they have to say, it just doesn’t come that naturally to me and I find it quite difficult to deal with.

I often find that females are a lot better at doing this kind of thing, they are good at being nice and smiley to someone even though they may not want to be, it is for this reason that I often like to ask one of the London escorts if they can come along with me, it is a lot easier to feign an interest in someone and get through that awkward conversation when you have a gorgeous escort in London on your arm, this makes it easier make idle conversation that does not have to all be about you, which lets face it, you do not want to have to share with just any old person.

It is impossible to like absolutely everyone, even if you are the nicest most easy to get on with person in the world it is still likely that you will have someone that you do not really get on with and equally someone that does not particularly like you, even if you are a busty escort in London this is still likely.

I have always seen myself as quite friendly, I get on with a lot of people and I like to make new friends and listen to what people have to say but there are those few people, who will of course remain nameless (don’t worry London  escorts it is not any of you guys) who I just cannot stand, in my opinion they are not the kinds of people that I want to be around and for that reason I will often try to avoid being in the same place at the same time with any of those people (not that there are that many).

If any of you guys out there have a similar awkward situation coming up then perhaps it would be a wise idea to follow my lead and hire a gorgeous London escort to go with you, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more relaxed you  feel and how much easier you find it to get on with that person that you just do not like.

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