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At 9.30pm last night, as Rooney stormed off the pitch blaming the English fans for there lack of support my anger finally subsided to be replaced by sadness. The fact is that we have all been looking forward to the World Cup for so long now that the realisation of England’s lacklustre performance is hard to take. It hard to take in the simple fact that, at this moment in time, they are not good enough.

There can be no doubt that individually England have some world class players, even if you say that they are enhanced by having the best players in the world around them as support, you cannot deny that Lampard and Rooney and Gerrard are individual talents who should shine in any team.

A lot of the pundits were saying after the game that when the players cross that line, it’s down to them to deliver and the manager at that point can be absolved of all responsibility (err notably Kevin Keegan of course the biggest quitter in history)  However, I would say that the Manager has the capability to transform a team and it’s players…Harry Rednap at Spurs being the perfect example.

Capello had the chance to change things and he didn’t, bringing Crouch on for 7 minutes doesn’t count, leaving Joe Cole on the bench certainly doesn’t count and taking off Lennon who’d been our best player doesn’t count. I have to say that Capello’s regieme has simply failed to get the best out of these world class players when it mattered. Whether its the tactics or the formation or motivation…if you think back to Bobby Robson (bless him) he was the perfect manager in that the players respected and loved him and wanted to play for him. I can’t imagine Capello commands the same loyalty..infact he seems to promote an element of fear in players…must wear your suit, musn’t leave the table till everyone’s finished etc etc.

The simple truth is that fear and great football don’t mix and Capello has to empower the team to play to their potential and take risks…the incident with Green has only served to create more tension in the squad which it didn’t need and Capello failed to back his first choice goalkeeper. The one last thing to say is that Rooney obviously isn’t totally fit and if we think back to qualifying, it was Rooney’s performances that really made all this possible, Maybe we have to accept that ‘without’ him, we are just not good enough.

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