You know those activities that we all used to do as kids, the ones that we would get overly excited about and harass our parents to allow us to do for weeks on end. Things like ice skating, bowling, art classes, those activities that we all probably felt as though we would never grow out of because they were that much fun. You will normally get to an age where you find that you are too cool to do that sort of thing and it is replaced by going to bars, clubs and restaurants. I am not saying this is a bad thing, it is just a natural progression in life, but sometimes it is nice to regress to the times when we were younger and do those activities that we used to enjoy so very much.

The London escorts reminded me of this the other day when they were talking about a trip that a few of them went on to an ice skating rink and how much fun it sounded, it made me want to go myself and awoke the inner child in me.

I asked a few of the escorts in London if they wanted to come out on a little work thing to a bowling alley. As with most things the London escorts were up for it so off we went to partake in some bowling. What I realised is that it is very easy to get into the habit of feeling as though the only way you can have fun when you go out anywhere is if you are drinking. Whilst myself and many of the escorts in London do indeed enjoy a good drink from time to time it was quite refreshing being able to go out and have such a good time without having to drink, we just got right into the bowling and it ended up being a good laugh.

To continue the theme we all decided to go ice skating as well and I am telling you a bunch of sexy London escorts slipping and sliding around on an ice rink is quite a funny sight to see, but once again we all enjoyed ourselves immensely, once again doing something that we loved to do as kids and without having any alcohol involved what so ever, it was nice.

If you ever feel like unleashing that inner child in you but you have no one to do it with then consider giving one of the London escorts a call. The girls are good fun and they know how to have a laugh, not to mention that little added bonus that they are all drip dead gorgeous! The girls are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they charge the exact same hourly rate for incalls as they do for outcalls so there is no excuses, go and be a kid again for a day or two.

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