We’ve been getting a lot of calls recently from clients who are coming into London in a few weeks and have a specific lady in mind for an evening’s companionship. It seems that word about the quality of our cheap escort London has spread far and wide, and in this economic climate its truly smart men who take advantage of a good deal when they see it.

We try to make things really customer friendly here at 24 Carats, and welcome advanced bookings for our stunning escort girls. If you know what date and time you’d like to see someone, you have several options at your disposal. Firstly, you can book through the website. Just fill in the necessary details, and we’ll make a note of it. This option is quite handy for international visitors who aren’t yet certain where they will be staying as yet, or those who can’t get a particular escort girl out of their head, and definitely want to see her. It gives our staff enough time to make sure she can meet you, and doesn’t make plans for a whirlwind trip to Paris during the time you’d like to see her. You can also give us a call to make your booking as well. Our receptionists are very experienced, and will provide you with expert advice on choosing the lady that best fits your requirements.

Advanced bookings are also recommended for those of you who’d like to have a more novel escort experience. Perhaps you’d like her to dress in a particular outfit, or bring along some ‘props’ for an evening of unforgettable fun. In cases such as these having a day or two to prepare is great, and gives your fantasy date a better opportunity to become a fantastic reality.

Now, before you get in touch with us about your trip to London for the Olympics in 2012, there are some limits to what we can do. Booking a particular escort three months in advance is a very long shot.  You’ve got to appreciate that most London escort girls like their freedom to move, and many of them jaunt off to God knows where quite often. Also, the reality is that some of them stick with us for a few months before moving on to higher priced agencies. So be realistic while planning, and we will more than meet you half way.

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