I was sitting in the pub with a friend on Friday night, just a normal weekend drink in the local drinking hole. Inevitably when you go to the pub with just one other person there will come a time (especially if you have been there a while and the beers are flowing) that one of you will need to go to the toilet whilst the other is left sitting alone. This kind of situation happens fairly often to people and it is one of those circumstances that you find yourself in from time to time that no matter how much experience you have, you never quite know what to do with yourself. Some people instantly get their phone out and flick through messages or pictures as thought something important has just come up, others will look at a menu or look through a bag, me, I tend to just look around, people watch, scan the place and see who’s around. Whilst undertaking one of my usual pub scans I noticed a good number of other people sitting by themselves, but they didn’t look as though this was because a friend or partner had g ne to the loo or to the bar, it looked like they were just at the pub alone. This is a trend I have noticed a lot recently: people sitting alone in a bar or pub looking as though they wish they had some company, and this just serves to remind me the importance of for some people.

It is an incredibly frustrating situation to be in when you want to go out for a drink or a bite to eat on a weekend and you cannot seem to round up anyone to go with you, people tend to react to this situation differently. Some people will just not go out if they do not have anyone to go with at the risk of looking like a “Billy no-mates” whereas others will not let it stop them and just go themselves for a quiet drink, but either way it is likely that you will be quite annoyed at not getting what you wanted. The simple and fantastic solution to this is to simply give a call to one of our outcall escorts in London. Not only will you be able to have some company with you on your trip to the pub but the company will come in the shape of a gorgeous and fun busty London escort, a pretty good solution to an annoying problem I must say!

Just because your mates may be too tired or busy to head out on the weekend it doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit at all, ours are available 24 hours a day so you can give one of them a call at any time to arrange your trip to the pub and ensure that the Billy no-mates tag stays well clear of you.


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