January is the most depressing month of the year. Yeah everyone complains about Christmas, but it’s a couple of weeks off from work for the sole reason to get drunk and be bought stuff isn’t it? Now work starts and I reckon the best thing to perk up the dark, pointless nights is one of our London Escort girls . In fact, make it a new years resolution to stop moping about being single, and start enjoying what being single’s about.

Of all the holiday periods, Christmas is the least relaxing and so everyone returns to work still hungover from NYE, about a stone heavier from Christmas and having to, once again, face the morning commute. Nothing like travelling to work with your head stuck in some old woman’s lap to really give you the January feeling. Now think about your day at work, sitting around, pretending to look busy or, worse, actually being busy, and think of how much faster the time would go if you had someone like the gorgeous Adina, one of our newest London Escorts, waiting for you when you clock off.

Nothing like a flawless hourglass figure to pull you out of the January depression and finish off the end of your first week on a high. The best thing about Adina is that she’s new, she’s eager to please, and you’ll be the centre of her world for the night.

But why stop there? New years resolution number one is to start enjoying being single, right? Also, January doesn’t stop next week. There’s the even longer second week where you suddenly realise just how crap the weather’s going to be until June, and just how long ago the holidays feel. Not only that, once you’ve figured out just how much good a gorgeous London Escort can do, it’s actually quite hard to stop at just one. The beauty of living the bachelor lifestyle is the selection of girls at your disposal. New week, new experience. Nathalie is one of our most experienced Escorts and, as only fiery Spanish girls know how, can really spice up those ridiculously long, freezing evenings.

There’s no better way to perk up the dullest month of the year than with a firm favourite, who you know will give you the pick-me-up you need to keep on going through that third week. In fact, I bet Nathalie’s probably enough to propel you right through to February she’s such a fantastic girl.

Funny isn’t it. Everyone, including me, spends weeks moaning about the snow and then when it’s gone we realise that alright so it was cold, but at least it looked good. Now it’s grey, dark and wet. There’s only one thing for it, then isn’t there? Probably book one of our London Escorts. It’s definitely the best way to get stunning views without London grinding to a halt and everyone complaining.

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