I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but it’s absolutely freezing outside. Literally. I can see my breath when I talk, my fingers sting with cold and my shoes are none-too-cosy. How to combat the chill? Well that’s the question indeed. Two pairs of socks? Still cold?  A thick scarf and woolly hat? Still cold? A balaclava and a hot water bottle? Not practical I’m afraid. So how do we really banish the pre-Christmas chill? Well, if you haven’t guessed already, it’s all about warming up from the inside-out. Are you still not with me? Simple: stop warming your cockles and start with getting that warm fuzzy feeling that only our lady friends can give us. Our London Escorts know this and believe me, they’re very excited that Christmas is coming! They know how cold we are on our long commute to and from work – basically they want to snuggle up and keep us warm!

A traditional winter image is that of you and a gorgeous Blonde, snuggled up all cosy and warm in front of a roaring fire, giggling and chatting and doing whatever you fancy in the comfort of a lovely log cabin or even your own front room – Christmas decorations and all! Like something out of that Wham video Well you’re in luck, as our Blonde Escorts in London are all about the snuggly fun and winter warmers! Just look at gorgeous Micaela. She’s a Swedish beauty so she’s used to these frosty times and ready to teach you a thing or two! As you can see from our jaw-dropping gallery, we’ve got a massive range of escorts in London and whilst I can guarantee they’ll warm you up, I can’t guarantee they won’t melt your heart – if you get my (snow)drift!

Or maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here and you’re not thinking of a Blonde Escort in London , but more of a sultry, raven haired, caramel-skinned Escort in London? In that case, Nemeh would definitely tick your box and can you imagine how sexy she’d look in a pair of Christmas stockings – purely to keep her toes warm of course! She’s just one stunning example of our Escorts in London – we’re really lucky to have such a massive group of the hottest ladies in town – it’s a miracle that these gorgeous creatures haven’t been whisked away to the Caribbean! Now there’s a thought… lying back on the white sand, toes tickled by the turquoise sea, and on your right is one of our Busty Escorts from London – the freezing cold, grey days just a distant memory! That’s more like it – get away from it all with an absolute stunner and have the most fun you’ve ever had in the sun sun sun! Remember the sun? Seems like a long time ago!

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