London has a load of lovely places to eat often made even lovelier when you go and eat with one of the gorgeous english escorts London has to offer. I don’t know if it is just me but one of the best ways to eat is by going to a buffet, if you are really hungry then you cannot beat a bit of all you can eat action especially when it is not costing you very much money. One of the main problems with buffets is not knowing whether or not the food will be good, it is often the case that places with very low quality food advertise cheap buffet prices so that they can attract customers, those customers can often end up feeling quite sick after a visit to one of these restaurants and a lot of people, including myself and the female escorts in London. Well recently I found a place that broke this trend, it was a cheap buffet with some really lovely food and I did not end up with any food poisoning or anything of the sort.

The place is called Diawana Bel Phoori House and it is just around the corner from Euston station. As you can probably guess from the name they specialise in Indian food, more specifically, South Indian food, which although it is indeed vegetarian it is honestly some of the best Indian food that I have had in London and for the cheap price of only £6.99 for the buffet, even on weekends, it is an absolute bargain for how good the food actually is and the restaurant is a nice little Indian run establishment that feels very authentic and very clean unlike some of the other Indian or Chinese buffets that you can find dotted around London in the more touristy parts.

I usually like to get a seal of approval from the escorts in London when it comes to deciding just how good a restaurant actually is. The girls have all been to so many top quality restaurants in London that they know good food and of the few escorts London has to offer that I told to go and have some lunch there all of the girls thought that it was great, and almost too good to be true at the prices they charge. There is a whole range of vegetarian dishes to choose from, including rice and all manner of side dishes. They even provide a small range of deserts and fruits for after you have stuffed your face full of chickpeas, potatoes and rice. At only £6.95 and available on weekends it is one of the best options for lunch that I can think of in London and if the english escorts in London agree then I must be on to a winner!

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