Have you read a glossy women’s magazine recently? I’m guessing that some of you will have flicked through your wives’ ‘Marie Claire’ or were forced to pore over a copy of ‘Grazia’ in the waiting room at the doctor’s surgery. So you’ll know what I’m referring to when I say that the majority of women in the public eye appear to be far too thin?! Seriously, flicking through them, it’s like a catalogue of lollipops – their heads are too big for their bodies by miles. And even breast implants can’t distract the discerning gent from observing that protruding collarbone. Or are you a guy who appreciates a skinny frame? There’s no doubt about it, some blokes do like very slim girls, whilst others prefer curves. Looking at our London Escorts, we’ve got pretty much the full spectrum, but not a lollipop-head in sight! Skinny, we don’t have, whilst ‘slim’, we do! For me, skinny = BAD but slim = GOOD. What’s the difference between skinny and slim, I hear you ask? It’s difficult to explain, but I think I speak on behalf of guys everywhere when I say that we can appreciate a slender figure, in fact it’s very sexy when a woman keeps herself in great shape, but bones just aren’t a turn-on.

Now, I’d like to say that of all the Escorts in London, (and I reckon I’ve seen quite a few by now!) our girls look the happiest and healthiest of the bunch. As Escorts in London go, this lot are the absolute cream of the crop and not only are they all absolutely beautiful (you know we only choose the best for you guys!) but they’ve got gorgeous figures that range from slim and athletic right through to the curves you’d die to get your hands on! And when we say we’ve got Busty Escorts in London and Blonde Escorts in London, we mean we’ve searched out the most magnificent breasts in the whole county and the most luscious golden hair in the Northern hemisphere! Okay, this may sound like a pretty big claim, but seriously, we handpick our ladies according to the tastes of YOU, the public. And because some of you are reading this thinking ‘I love curvy girls and big breasts’ whilst some are saying ‘I prefer little boobs and slim hips’, that’s why we’ve got such a great range of ladies. It is hard to choose between them, I know, and sometimes it’s better to just have a ‘lucky dip’ and let it lie in the hands of fate!

So come on then guys, give us a call and we’ll arrange a date for you. While they’re waiting for you to ring, the girls are constantly comparing their bodies, borrowing each other’s lip gloss – you know, all the girly stuff – and I’m sure that each of them will be assure you that their particular body shape is the best way to go! Book them now and tell us what you think!

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