I’m rather embarrassed to admit I had one of those drunken nights at the weekend where you end up, with a couple of friends, at some deserted kids’ park at 2am. Of course we tried out all the ‘rides’, taking particular delight in slithering head first down the muddy slide, and standing on either end of the seesaw until one person got bounced off. To my joy, there was also a zip wire with a little seat to take you in comfort from one platform to another. Our drunken high jinx eventually began to attract the attention of some of the neighbours and we scampered off like the louts that we were. Despite the juvenile behaviour on our part (or maybe because of it), I can honestly say it was the best fun I’ve had in ages. I haven’t had a night like that since I was, oh, twenty-three! Even the young London escorts think my behaviour was very immature!

I often feel jealous of kids and the entertainments on offer to them. Ok, so I know there are certain things that adults get to do that kids don’t, but I’m always disappointed that I can now never (officially or in daylight): play in adventure parks, go on bouncy castles, visit Santa’s grotto, have a go in those little peddle cars with the orange roofs, sit in supermarket trolleys, be transported around on someone’s shoulders, be swung around by the hands, play with the toys in doctors’ surgery waiting rooms and be given money if I lose a tooth. Of course there are too many things to mention here – the fact is that children have a world of fun at their feet, but when we get older we’re supposed to leave all these things behind and start liking things such as clubbing instead. Well, clubbing can be ok sometimes, but given a choice between that and a session in a ball pool, the balls will win every time.

Actually, this reminds me of a date one of the escort girls had a while ago – a client clearly still in touch with his inner child treated the girl to a date at a ball pool! It had been hired for a party by a friend of his and loaned to him for the evening, garden as well. Now busty escorts in London are more used to sophisticated adult activities such as wining and dining, so this girl was obviously a bit reluctant to ‘get stuck in’ at first. However young escorts in London are nothing if not experimental, and soon enough she was joining the client in some rather juvenile ball-pool frolics! She had a lovely time, by all accounts. What a genius idea for a date!

Blonde escorts in London might be more comfortable on a ‘traditional date’ but like most of us have enjoyed years of immature activities during their formative years! I think everyone’s got the potential to shriek with excitement messing around like a kid, even London escorts!

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