Anyone that has watched TV for more than 5 minutes over the past few years will know that there is no shortage of cooking shows. It seems almost impossible to flick through the channels of SKY or Free-view without finding a show presented by one of the many celebrity chefs eager to teach us all how to cook healthier food, faster, for less money etc. The chief culprit of this trend is Jamie Oliver, and I must admit that he has sucked me into his addictive form of ‘cooking for fun’. He honestly has an enthusiasm about him that really makes you passionate about food and making it the right way, not to mention watching him is pretty funny too as he chucks things around from pan to pan, often resembling someone that is guessing a recipe more than a professional TV chef. Jamie and his infectious enthusiasm has caused me to cook quite a few meals and whilst doing this I realized that it is always more fun cooking  a big meal like that with someone else, and what better cooking partner could there be than a sexy London escort?

A lot of people see cooking as chore, which at times it can be, if you are hungry and tired having to cook a meal can seem quite un appealing, but this is often magnified if you have to cook the meal by yourself, it can feel quite boring and you will probably find that you end up rushing the meal, causing it not to come out as nice as it may have if you had taken greater care. But the need for a cooking buddy also presents a problem, especially if you do not really know anyone that is as enthusiastic about cooking as you are, not to mention the fact that Jamie Oliver seems to get on a lot of people nerves, so following his recipes may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The best thing to do in this situation is to give one of our call, of course not all of them are into cooking but many of them are good cooks and would jump at the chance to assist you in the kitchen. I am not making any promises in regards to how quickly you are able to produce the meal as the distraction of a sexy blonde escort from London in the kitchen could potentially slow your progress. And our girls are not only available to help out with dinner, as they are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they could help out with breakfast or lunch too, or maybe even all of the above. So the next time you decide to spend a night in with Jamie, give a London escort a call so that she can join you in the kitchen and make cooking way more enjoyable than it has ever been.


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