I know the prospect of being afraid to fly seems quite alien to a lot of people, especially because there are a great deal of people that really enjoy it, and I am one of them. I find take-off to be one of the most exciting experiences of the whole trip as sad as that may sound, but I think that it is truly fascinating feat of human engineering that we have managed to create a machine that can carry hundreds of people and their luggage around the world. But I do understand that there are those of you out there who just do not like it there are those of you that just cannot get your head around how it stays up there and the only thing that you are likely to enjoy about the whole experience is the landing back on solid ground. Having done my fair share of flying in recent years I have begun to realise the importance of having a good ‘flight buddy’. It is surprising the difference a certain kind of person can make to your whole flying experience. For this reason I thought that I would take it upon myself to suggest that you take a London escort with you for your next flight, especially if you are at all scared of flying.

A recent trip I went on with a mate really illuminated the need for a calming influence when you are flying, as I have already mentioned, I quite like flying, I see it as quite a fun and relaxing experience (does it make me weird that I am so relaxed when 10,000 feet in the air?) but the friend that I went with didn’t see things in quite the same way. In actual fact he was down right terrified of the whole experience. Before we even took off he was sweating and looking as though he was about to be executed, we then got on the plane and he started to breath heavily, barely able to talk, and what he did say would always have something to do with the plane crashing. So inevitably this shook me out of my usual calm state and I began to feel quite panicky and worried too, and it was at this point that I realised I should have brought a London escort along with me.

The injection of a fun and gorgeous girl, like our escorts in London can calm a guy down quite easily, an fact that I noticed when one of the rather attractive stewardesses came waltzing over to see if everything was ok with us. Our busty escorts in London

are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so no matter how long you are away for it is absolutely no problem if you’d like one to accompany you.

Happy flying, and don’t look down!

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