A Guide to Notting Hill Carnival

Europe’s biggest street party is back, and Londoners are already gearing up the festivities. August’s Bank Holiday has long been associated with the sight, sounds and tastes of the Caribbean, and this year promises to be no different. The main attraction for serious carnival goers is of course the floats and parade of colourful costumes. For the rest of us, we willingly admit that we go for the hot women, mouth-wateringly good food and to enjoy a genuine party atmosphere. If its one thing Caribbean people excel at, its having a good time, and we’ll happily join in for the party. For the rookies amongst you, we thought we’d compile a list of things to do and see at this year’s carnival.

1. Go with an empty stomach. Caribbean cuisine can be summed up in a word – delicious. The flavours are incredible, and the portion sizes very generous. Some must sample dishes include curry goat, pumpkin beef soup, and of course, the spicy jerk chicken.

2. Be prepared to dance with strange beautiful women. This is one event where it pays to leave your inhibitions at home. Beautiful sexy women are available in abundance, and various genres of West Indian music will be playing in various sections.  With the Red Stripe freely flowing, gorgeous women who would not normally give you a second glance may oblige you.

3. If you find yourself pressed body to body with some hot babe, take our advice and ‘wine.’ No, not head to the off license. ‘Wining’ is the quintessential Caribbean dance move, involving circular movement of the waist and pelvis in tandem to the rhythm. Its like sex, set to music, while you’re both clothed. Just don’t embarrass yourself by erupting before she invites you back to hers.

4. Walk with a minimum of possessions. This is just a bit of common sense advice. They’ll be over a million people meandering through the streets, and not all of them are there to join the festivities. Keep cash to a minimum, and only carry the minimum of essentials.

If Ms. Trinidad left you all hot and bothered, you don’t have to stay that way for the rest of the night. Call one of our lovely Ebony Escorts to help you perfect your ‘wine’. These beautiful women are wonderfully curvy, and are naturally talented dancers. She’ll happily meet with you after the carnival, perhaps for that one last pint of Red Stripe, before providing you with a private dance tutorial to end an all round fantastic day.


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