Having used the London Underground on a regular basis in the past few months I have noticed that more and more people seem to be investing in iPad’s. Apples tablet which is really just a giant iPhone seems to be growing in popularity especially for commuters and people that do a lot of travelling.  As a bit of a tech geek myself I do understand the appeal somewhat, it is quite a good way of reading books/newspapers (as opposed to reading them in their perfectly fine and readable paper form) and it does give surfing the internet a bit of an edge over browsing on the iPhone but in all honesty I do not think that it is worth the £500 that people pay for them. You will often find that most people that have an iPad will have been iPhone owners for quite some time before they purchased it. I am sure that the owners of iPads believe that they are 100% worth it but I can think of a good few things that might be a more memorable way of spending £500, a night with a London escort is one that springs to mind.

Sometimes it is not just about the material things, as I have grown older I have started to realise that spending money on things that will give longer lasting memories is often a lot more rewarding than spending money on material things that you will probably have forgotten about a month or two down the line. Hiring a London escort for a weekend or even for one night is without doubt one of those things that will give you the longer lasting memories that I speak of. As guys we will always remember time spent with gorgeous females, as shallow as it may sound it is just the way that we are programmed and there are certainly not many females who are more attractive than our busty London escorts.

A night out in London at a nice restaurant followed by a trip to one of your favourite clubs with a London escort by your side is one of the best ways to spend your hard earned money and it will certainly give you more pleasure then sitting on a train with an iPad whilst playing Angry Birds can give you.

So the next time you see someone on a train fiddling around with their iPad do not feel tempted to buy one, instead give one of our escorts in London a call and spend your cash on something worthwhile.

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