Thinking through the varied array of jobs out there, not including the obviously attractive ones such as footballer or movie star, there are not a great deal that give you the flexibility to meet new and interesting people whilst going to fun or fancy places whilst being paid for it. Think about it, working in a shop may allow you to meet people but you are stuck doing the same old thing everyday; whilst working in a bar might be a fun environment but you are not allowed to participate in that fun! Our London escorts have it quite good then considering that they get paid to simply go out and have fun with guys, they often get taken to swanky clubs or posh restaurants, wined and dined and they get paid for it, not too bad if you ask me.

The different kinds of things that our escorts get up to on a daily basis is enviable, they could wake up one morning and end up in another country sitting on a beach that evening, although there may indeed be drawbacks to being on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, these drawbacks start to become merely insignificant if you are leaving for an all expenses paid trip abroad in the early hours of the evening. Of course not all of them get to go away all the time, but a lot of the escorts in London get paid to have a lot of fun in the nation’s capital.

It is not only going out in bars and clubs that our London escorts are available for, a simple trip to the cinema or the theater is a common occurrence as is in intimate night in a posh hotel. Talking about all of this is actually making me quite jealous, if only I was attractive enough (and female enough) I think I would be putting myself on the market as an escort in London .

The other day I was talking to one of my female friends who was saying that she has the best job in the world, she works in one of London’s most well known clubs as a tequila girl. Granted she does get paid to wonder around a nightclub chatting to people and having a laugh, and she does get paid for it but this does not compare to the amount of fun our London escorts get to have, they may also be getting paid to go to a club and have fun but they are going as ‘party goers’ not as employees of the club.

So I think the next time any sort of list is compiled as to what the best jobs are, London escorts should definitely be among st the top choices, especially seen as they get paid so well for simply looking so attractive and being so much fun, lucky them ay!

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