The concept of ‘a day’ for a London Escort Agency is a relative term because as we operate 24 hours a day seven days a week so the days sort of blend into one. The business does tend to take over your life a bit because there always seems to be something to do and not enough time to do it. I generally start about 5 am by writing my blog and trying to review the previous days comments that I’ve received.

If there has been any issues with any of our London Escorts then I’ll take a little time to go over what’s happened and reflect on what the reaction is going to be. The thing that people don’t always realise, despite the name, is that we are an Agency, like an Estate Agency or a Travel Agency. We are a middle man and we put you guys in touch with London Escort Girls. So when I say ‘Our Girls’ they are the girls we are representing. They pay us for our services, a flat fee for each client and in return we do our best to promote our website on the internet, take your calls and juggle our girls appointments in the most efficient way we can.

However, obviously our reputation and the future of all our other girls hangs on the behaviour of each English Escort in London that we deliver to you. If you are not happy, then we have to investigate it to establish whose at fault. A bad review from you we understand is not just one appointment lost, but a client lost for life, with the knock on effect that other guys will be put off by that, so we do take what you say seriously. The consequence of London escorts being found to be at fault is that they will be asked to find another Agency. No one girl, no matter how pretty or prolific is worth risking our reputation.

Marketing the Agency is a full time job in itself and Rob generally takes responsibility for that, but we do chop and change a little to keep ourselves fresh. That goes for interviewing any prospective new Female Companion who have contacted us and arranged an appointment. The girls always come to the office at some stage to complete all the paperwork but we take the girls on a trial date as well to get a clients perspective on what the girls about. Not all Escort agencies take the time to do that…but we feel it’s essential. As you can imagine the job of ‘trial dater’ is the most popular one and causes the most grief in the office. When there’s a dispute, with the wisdom of Solomon, I step in and settle the argument ( that usually means I take the date myself …yessssss.

That only really scratches the surface of what we do here…let me know if you’re interested and I’ll continue tomorrow.

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