Working for a London escort agency, I’m always trying to work out what the formula is for a perfect date with one of our gorgeous, busty escorts in London. It seems like the answer should be straightforward. Most men would probably agree that for a start it helps if the girl you’re out with is very good-looking. And not just generally, but in a way that is particularly appealing to the guy – i.e. ‘his type’, such as a blonde escort in London. Then they would add that it’s nice if they’ve got things in common with the girl, some shared interests and fundamental viewpoints that can lead on to mutually interesting topics of conversation.

Once these two factors are in place, in all likelihood the date will be a good one, although there’s still the issue of the venue, or the date itself, to consider. It’s difficult to enjoy each other’s company if you’re in a place where you feel really uncomfortable. Everyone has his or her own ideas about what makes a great date and what makes a terrible one. For some people, a romantic meal in a nice restaurant is the perfect setting, whereas other people would find this horribly formal and would worry about eating in front of their new companion.

Although generally I advocate ‘experience’ dates to bond people – i.e. taking a class in something that you can laugh about afterwards, there are times when this could backfire. For example, I once went with a fairly new boyfriend to ‘Go Ape’ (if you’ve not heard of it, it’s basically an assault cause revolving around ropes, ladders and swing, set into the treetops of a forest). I really didn’t enjoy the experience at all. The problem is that it’s very physical and practical, and only one person can cross each part of the course at a time, thus all eyes are on you – including your boyfriends’. I struggled and sweated my way around the course, constantly making a fool of myself, aware the whole time that I probably looked and smelled very bad. A longed-for trip to the Ladies’ afterwards confirmed both suspicions, and left me feeling very self-conscious with the guy I was still only just getting to know. On top of everything I sprained my ankle on the final rope swing descent, and had to hobble round like an old woman for the rest of the day. So while I would happily visit this sort of place with friends or a boyfriend of at least 8 years, I’d never recommend it for very new couples.

Anyway, I digress. The point I was going to make was that the ‘perfect date’ consists of many factors, which will all be slightly different for different people. Some folks might think a trip to ‘Go Ape’   would make a perfect first date – I certainly wouldn’t.

London escorts are used to dating clients with all different tastes, and as such they have learned to become very flexible, laid-back, and know how to get on well with all different kinds of personalities. They must know the secret to providing a perfect date, judging by all the positive feedback they get from the clients.

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