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As a man who is extremely fond of the ladies (maybe why I work at 24 Carat escort agency!), I’ve spent years perfecting my flirting skills and ‘cheeky chappy’ persona. It’s worth putting some effort into these things, if you want to enjoy the company of the fairer sex and be able to initiate relationships. And it does take a lot of practice, don’t think otherwise. Very few guys are lucky enough to hit adulthood endowed with buckets of natural charm and charisma, and need to crash and burn many times before success is achieved. Smarmy lothario types that always seem to get the girls, do, in my experience, tend to possess serious personality flaws that prevent them from ever finding a real and fulfilling relationship. It’s great if you can charm a girl into bed, but sooner or later most people want something a little more permanent.

I’ve pretty much given up on chat-up lines – it’s difficult to ever sound genuine when you say them, and girls have heard them all a thousand times before. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, learned from both experience and the wisdom of female friends. One thing that women crave from men that is woefully neglected these days is a bit of good old fashioned chivalry – opening doors, holding bags, seeing her home, that sort of thing. It’s amazing how many guys never even think to try and impress women this way, especially as it’s so powerful. Maybe they fear they’ll be ridiculed as anti-feminist, but they should remember that any nice, decent girl would love it – she’ll find it endearing at the very least. Along the same lines, my friend informs me that a well-timed hand placed on the small of a woman’s back, for example as you walk through a bar, has a lust impact akin to an electric shock. There’s something about it that hits the perfect balance between protectiveness and control. But, my friend warns me, this maneuver should only be attempted if you’re certain the girl fancies you, or else she’ll just find it creepy!

Some guys are hopeless when it comes to these things. They can never read signs; don’t really know how to flirt, and always end up saying or doing the wrong thing, thus scaring off their bemused audience. I think dating an escort, is an example of one of those contexts that really takes the pressure off men in terms of how they put themselves across. There’s no need to win the girl by impressing her with your wit and mannerisms – she’s already yours no matter what! This leaves you free to get on with the date and stop worrying about whether she’ll stick around. Best London Escorts sometimes date guys that have obviously not been practising their skills, so as long as you’re friendly and pleasant she’ll probably realize that you’re just fine as you are!


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