Why are you feel lonely when you have blond escorts with you

Do you ever feel lonely despite being surrounded by people? Or even self-impose the loneliness by avoiding your usual crowd? I’ve noticed that I do this from time to time, generally when I’m going through a phase of great boredom and all the normal things don’t seem to cut it. Thankfully this intense boredom doesn’t last too long and generally fades as fast as it emerged. For three and a half months out of four I happily go about my life, falling easily into the routine of plodding to work at the London escort agency, taking trips to the gym, meeting up with friend for drinks after work and spending lazy weekends doing DIY, watching sport and visiting relatives. Most of the time all this is great and I think myself very lucky.

But for that other two weeks or so, none of it holds any interest and I have to force myself to do the essential things such as work and shopping, and then spend most of the weekend a very bored recluse because my usual leisure activities hold no appeal. Although I feel lonely and isolated, at the same time I can’t quite bare the thought of seeing my normal ‘staple’ friends. It’s not that their terrible or anything, but just that my mind is seeking something away from the everyday, even though I’m not sure what that is, exactly. I just know that the thought of listening to Joanne go on about her no-hoper boyfriend, or discovering that Peter still hasn’t done anything remotely exciting, or being reminded yet again that Alex is only really interesting when he’s really drunk, just makes me want to stay in bed! I love my friends, but everyone needs a break occasionally. Hence the self-imposed loneliness.

Luckily, as I say, I can just sit this time out until it passes and everything’s fine again. It helps that I have a cat at home – a little friend who it seems impossible to get bored off. Pets are great companions during those lonely spells, and I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t have them. I’d love to have a dog but know it’d be really wrong to leave him at home by himself all day. I don’t understand how people can be that cruel to what are essentially very needy creatures, just like young children.

Pets are great, but aren’t for everyone of course, and can end up being hard work. I would say that possibly the second best thing to animals and the way they keep you engaged when all around you is dull and grey, are escort girls! They certainly spice things up when they’re around and I don’t think it would be possible for anyone to feel bored or lonely in their presence! Blonde escorts in London, and of course busty escorts in London are also so ridiculously sexy, that when you’re with them you feel totally removed from your boring old, routine life.

So remember, if you can’t get a puppy, get a London escort!

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