What would you do if you won several millions of pounds

What would you do if you won several millions of pounds? This is the question I’ve been tormenting myself with for the last few days (and annoying the London escorts with). You know how sometimes, when money is being particularly worrisome, you fixate on how totally different everything would be if you just had money. What if? It’s a pointless exercise thinking about it, as all it does is rub your nose in the fact that you don’t have lots of money and probably never will have, especially if you don’t actually go in for competitions and stuff. But sometimes I can’t help indulging in the fantasy. It’s not particularly original, but the first thing I’d really like to do is buy myself a nice house, or two. A lovely country retreat would be perfect for me, somewhere away from the grime of the city where I could have dogs running around the huge grounds. And of course I’d want to do a bit of travelling – but 5-star hotels all the way, none of this hostel nonsense anymore. And I’d get piano lessons, as I’ve always wanted to learn. And a villa in Italy or France would be very nice, overlooking the sea…..ahhhhhhhh. If only.

I am slightly obsessed with rich people I have to admit. There’s something really fascinating about the wealth, freedom and power that goes along with money, and makes for an irresistible mix – mainly because you can’t help wondering what your life would be like if you had it, but also because it’s interesting to see the way people handle it. I think more rich people these days are quite down-to-earth – a lot of them weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but have worked really hard and bought that silver spoon much later in life. This makes them a bit more ‘normal’ and some don’t act as if they’re rich at all. Others, unfortunately, act with such a sense of entitlement and snobbery that you almost find yourself muttering ‘Well if that’s what money does to you then I don’t want to know!!’ Almost, I said. Yet others give the impression of being rich through their tastes and behaviour but actually aren’t really in the money at all.

Blonde escorts in London often date clients that are quite rich, or at least give the impression of being so. Although busty escorts in London are affordable to pretty much everyone, the more well off in society like to treat themselves to dates with gorgeous girls as part of their luxurious way of life. They have the best of everything else, so why not have the best girls in the city too?

London escorts are fine with this arrangement, of course! Although money doesn’t guarantee a great date, as it’s more to do with the client himself, it certainly is nice to be treated to dinner at a top restaurant. They’re lucky in that they get to share in the ways of the rich sometimes despite not being rich themselves.Got your escorts In very low Pounds

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