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It never fails to amaze me how evocative your sense of smell is. Somehow, and for reasons I don’t understand, scents become associated with times and places in the most powerful and permanent way. For example, the smell of the London women offices will forever remain in my nostrils, reminding me of work! Even when I live on my own paradise island thirty years from now, if I got a whiff of the air freshener we use in the loos here it’ll send me rocketing back in time to my crowded little desk by the window.

Sometimes I’ll just catch a scent that inexplicably reminds me of something from years ago. For example, the other day I bought some pick ‘n’ mix sweets, which is rare these days. One of the sweets had this smell about it that plunged me back into my childhood, with the memory of wandering around a particular garden centre with my parents and brother, then buying pick ‘n’ mix at the stand by the till. Likewise, the smell of a new car never fails to make me feel sick, as it reminds me of the long journeys we undertook as a family all those years ago in a horrible yellow Lada that had just that smell about it’s leather interior.

Sometimes of course, the memory is of something just as powerful, but from earlier in your adulthood. Recently I was browsing the duty free at Edinburgh airport, when a pretty perfume bottle caught my eye and so I sprayed some on my wrist to test it. The smell gave me an unexpected jolt that catapulted me back a few years, although it took me a minute or so to realise what the association was. Then I remembered being taken to a lap dancing club one night (my first and last visit to such an establishment!) by a male friend who paid a girl to dance for the both of us. It was pretty intense! She was completely naked except for stilettos, which she placed either side of my thighs on the chair, so that she could dance as close as possible and er…give me a perfect views of certain things. She also kissed me lingeringly on the lips! Is that even allowed?! My male friend obviously very much enjoyed the show. The dancer was wearing a fruity fragrance that must have got through the drunken mists of my mind – it was the same scent I stumbled on in the airport.

The brilliant thing about dating a busty escort in London is the full sensory stimulation on offer! Not only do blonde escorts in London make every effort to look fantastically sexy, their touch is silky soft, their voices are soothing and – very importantly – they smell bloody amazing! They know how powerfully moving scent can be, and will always be wearing a gorgeous one that will remind you of your amazing evening in years to come.

And trust me, if you book a date with a London escort, you won’t want to forget a second.

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