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I witnessed a strange phenomena whilst standing on the London Underground the other day, for a change the train was not actually that packed and I was able to get that elusive seat on the train. Having sat down and with no newspaper or book to occupy me I was forced to just look around at the people opposite me and next to me. The 2 people either side of me were both playing on their iPhone’s, one was engaging in a rather tense looking session of Angry Birds whilst the other was aimlessly browsing through pictures that you could tell she was not really even interested in. I then looked opposite me and out of the 10 people sitting there, 8 of them had their phones out, and of those 8 5 had iPhone’s and the other 3 had Blackberry’s, otherwise known as “the crackberry”. And even more alarming than this was that 2 of the people that I mentioned were easily below the age of 14, what use they could possibly have for such expensive phones is far beyond me.

I realise that a lot of people are addicted to these phones, having something so all encompassing as an iPhone is inevitably quite appealing but there are a great deal of people out there who are dangerously attached to their phones. I know a couple of mates that will never leave a room without it, they could be in their own home and get up to go the loo but run back in 30 seconds later realising that they have forgotten their phone, much in the same way as a mother would if she realised she had left her baby sat in a minefield. Do not fret as there is a cure, and it comes in the form of a gorgeous London escort.

As any smoker will tell you, the best way to give up an addiction is to take your mind off of it with something less harmful but equally as enjoyable. Well a busty escort in London is not in any way harmful as it most definitely more enjoyable, so rather than spend your nights in throwing around Angry Birds on your iPhone or updating your Blackberry messenger contacts try giving one of our escorts in London a call, they would be glad to help you cure your addiction and before you ask, the answer is no! there is not an App for that! Now if you will excuse me, I have a few emails to reply to, a few App’s to update and a few pictures to take on my iPhone!

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