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There are kinds of men in the world – flashy, serious, loud, sensitive, sporty, nerdy, quiet, pervy, kind, religious, arrogant, mean, saintly, thoughtful – but there’s one thing they all have in common (the straight ones anyway): the inability not to stare at a beautiful woman. Even if it’s a very discreet stare, beautiful ladies draw the eyes of men like moths to the sun. It’s a trait that can be found in pretty much every culture and dates back to the beginning of time. I bet even cavemen used to feast their eyes on sexy, hairy cavewomen – perhaps dressing them with their eyes….!
London escorts, being gorgeous themselves, are no strangers to the stares of men folk around them, and are generally so accustomed to it they don’t notice it any more, unless it’s threatening in some way.

Despite my normally discreet admiration for women, I found myself dumbly gawping at a sexy little blonde this morning as we waited for the train. I was shaken out of my semi-trance like state when she turned and gave me such a scowl that I actually jolted a little in surprise! Ok, maybe I deserved that one. Women are very different in how they react or cope with being looked at all the time. I often feel sorry for the ones that can’t go out without drawing stares, whistles and comments, often making them jump. A female friend of mine, who isn’t at all flashy with her appearance but is nonetheless very attractive with a lovely, tall figure, sometimes laments the fact that she can’t walk down the street in peace. She hates the feeling of dozens of pairs of eyes watching her every step when all she wants to do is get from A to B and think about what to get in Tescos later. It makes her feel very self-conscious, to the point where she’ll even put on her baggiest clothes and scrape her hair up into a ponytail before going out to escape some of the attention. ‘But isn’t it flattering?’ I asked her once. She replied that although occasionally a nice comment or appreciative look can improve her mood, having chavvy men shout ‘Oi’ from their vans as they swish past is not exactly a boost to the self-esteem, but just an annoyance.

Some girls seem to love the attention though. They go out of their way to obtain it, sometimes, for example dressing like a princess just to go to the supermarket, wearing ridiculously revealing clothes and sashaying past groups of men as slowly and deliberately as possible. Inevitably they draw the attention, and even enter into a cheeky exchange with her admirers.

Although Cheap Cheap London Escorts  never come across as this needy, they’re perfectly used to dating clients that can’t take their eyes off of them. After all, if you’ve paid to date a busty escort in London, or a blonde escort in London, you want to get your money’s worth! Stare away….

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