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A survey published recently said that on average a family today spends an average of 45 minutes a day together. The same survey says that the kids of your average family place money as the most important thing that they feel would help them to be closer to their parents. i.e unless you’re being taken out for the day to the cinema, or shopping or visiting a theme park. The fact is that a family ‘day out’ does not have to involve spending loads of cash, being together could involve a trip on your bikes to the local park for a picnic..a few sandwiches and snacks and a kick about with a football.

I think parents are at fault, they believe that sharing quality time has to involve spending money. They see there kids hunched over their computers, and think that they can’t relate to them. Drag them off those evil machines, get them out from behind the closed doors that is there bedroom and out in the fresh air…what am I saying…I forgot there for a second that I’m meant to be encouraging you to book a London Escort. Something that I guess you think is a contradiction and undermines family life.

Well I say it doesn’t. I think men have that ability to differentiate between a bit of fun, and the love of their family. If you book Julia for a few hours, there is no doubt she’s a beautiful young girl. It’s like plugging yourself into the mains, she will energise you, but you’re not going to leave your wife for her are you. Julia is a fantasy, it’s like visiting the cinema and losing yourself in a film. Just because you sneak downstairs when the wife’s asleep and masturbate to internet porn, does not make you a bad father or husband. It makes you a healthy individual with the same needs as any of us. Would you be a better husband if you woke her up and demanded sex…which of course you cannot do legally.

All I’m saying is that it’s how you treat your family when you’re with them that counts, how much you love your wife and kids for real…not whether Roxy gives you a massage o the way home…life’s to short for fuck sake isn’t it?

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