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My favourite thing at the moment are ‘Graze’ boxes, which I get delivered to my workplace – the sexy London girl offices – every Tuesday and Thursday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Graze boxes are little trays of wonderfulness, divided into four plastic containers each with a different snack item in them. The snacks will all be of four different types picked from the categories of focaccia bread, olives, flapjacks, seed mixes, dried fruit mixes, nuts and crackers, and for each broad type there are a vast selection of flavours, seasonings, toppings, coatings etc. So, for example, you might get: olives marinated in garlic oil, cheese and tomato topped focaccia bread, seaweed crackers, and ‘jaffa cake’ fruit and nut mix. So far I haven’t had one that I’ve hated – they’re all different, unusual and very tasty.

I guess the whole service is a luxury thing, really – I mean – your box gets personally prepared the night before and then delivered into your hands the next day – at a cost of £3.79 per box. I think as long as you’re earning, this is definitely money well spent.

The best thing about Graze boxes is that there is a website where you can rate all the different foods, pick your favourites; decide which ones you want soon or never again etc. All your preferences are recorded so that over time you’re more likely to receive boxes that are tailor-made to suit your tastes.

I think one of the things that’s so great about modern life is that there is so much variety and choice, as well as services that will cater specifically to individual desires, that it’s relatively easy to indulge in whatever things you most enjoy in your life.

Sometimes it seems as if it’s possible to order/commission/request whatever you want. A painter friend of mine who has his own website received a phone call at the weekend from a previous customer who really loved one of the paintings up for sale on the site, but wondered if it could be altered for him! He basically committed to buying the artwork if my friend re-painted the lower half of the picture – which my friend has happily done!

Escort services are another example of an area in which there is a lot of choice for clients available, to the point where they can specify what they want from an escort girl in terms of her physical statistics, skin and hair colour, ethnicity and character. It’s almost like choosing a graze box – you can select your favourite things, for example your preference might be for a blonde escort in London, or a busty escort in London, or a black escort in London etc. Escort agencies know they need to cater to all tastes so there’s a very high probability that clients will be able to pick their ‘dream date’.

London escorts are yet another example of the luxury afforded by our country and our era, for which we should be eternally grateful!

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