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I was on my way to work at the London escort offices the other morning when I realised I’d forgotten my trusty woollen hat. I guess because it wasn’t that cold I hadn’t noticed straight away, but as soon as I realised it was missing, I felt oddly naked, embarrassed even, and had to go back to fetch it. The weird feeling of having been caught with my trousers down probably stems from dreams I’ve had of that kind of thing happening, but also of a small incident from my childhood. Amusingly, I somehow managed to leave the house (aged about nine) without remembering to put any shorts or trousers on! I actually got a couple of minutes away from the house, and was stopped at a road when I happened to glance down at my legs and notice their nakedness. Luckily I had a little pair of boxer shorts on, but I still flushed with embarrassment and cycled furiously back home, praying I didn’t see anyone I knew.

After the event it provided me with a lot of humour, but it still has that uncomfortable echo of public humiliation.

The dreams usually involve something similar to that childhood error, but obviously much worse – for example I arrive at work and everyone stares at me when I walk in, then there’s a horrible moment of understanding when I look down and see that I’m totally naked! Or sometimes it’s something much more subtle but strangely just as cringe-worthy – for example sitting in the pub with my mates and realising that my, er special area is very badly arranged inside my shorts, and the girls at the next table have all noticed!

As much as I hate these kind of dreams, and embarrassing memories, I think they’re quite useful in terms of reminding me to be careful in public – for example, as the dreams have already shown me how humiliating turning up to work naked can be, my waking self will be extra careful to avoid such a scenario! Likewise, before I leave the toilets at the pub I always make sure everything’s neat and tidy with flies properly fastened. The result of sloppiness would be my self-imposed banishment from the pub.

I often think that it must be even worse for people that are either very much in the limelight or have a job which gets them ‘looked at’ a lot – for example actors, models and escort girls. Everyday the tabloids delight in showing us what happens when celebrities aren’t careful enough, for example boobs popping out of dresses, flashes of cellulite or commando privates when a poor girl is trying to climb into a car. I shudder for them.

Blonde escorts in London , and busty escorts in London face the same terrible risks with all the fancy clobber they wear, but being the pros they are the little accidents are thankfully rare (unless they just don’t tell anyone about them!)

Being ‘seen’ in public is full of perils, but London escorts are lucky enough to have tons of natural grace and dignity!

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