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It’s no secret that after forty years that the world famous burger franchise Burger King has decided to drop their popular slogan of `Have It Your Way´ and replace it with something else. (They ditched it about a good year ago or so) Everyone is trying to grasp the attention of consumers and draw them in to buy their products. With everyone being a little healthier minded and orientated yet still trying to save some money makes it makes it for some stiff competition. Everyone has their value menus nowadays to keep up with all the others. 24 carat Escorts has not been around for nearly as long as Burger King has been and does not have the fanciest slogan or catch phrase as some places may have but theirs is plain and simple and gets straight to the point; `Pure Perfection´ What more can you say about that? 24 Carat has London Incall Escorts, Outcall Escorts, English Escorts and any other type of Escort to appeal to your tastes.

Sure, if you are in the mood for a fast fresh and hot burger and like them flame-broiled Burger King is hard to beat if you’re a fast-food type of person. We always dread the day when we go there to get a nice burger and fries and end up getting soggy fries that have been sitting under the heat lamp for god knows how long and a hamburger equally not as fresh… it’s going to happen eventually and it’s just the chance we take. You’re better off to go early in the afternoon or peak lunch/dinner times to have a better chance of it being fresh as possible. No matter what time you decide to book your escorts with 24 Carat London In call Escorts, you can bet they are going to be all freshened up and waiting to satisfy your needs. They’ll fill even the largest of appetites… and no we´re not talking about food. Incall or Outcall you’ll always have it your way with girls from 24 Carat Escorts.

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