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Early this morning I had the not-so-fun task of driving my friend to Gatwick airport, as he’s off to the States for a few months of travelling around. The whole thing was quite stressful as it involved getting up at 3am and collecting him from his house as he rushed around unable to find his insurance documents. After half an hour of searching, cursing and panicking, we finally set off, only to run straight into queues on the motorway. Luckily it was just between a couple of junctions, and after yet more panicking we were properly on our way and I managed to get him to the airport in plenty of time for his flight. Needless to say I hit more traffic on the way back and when I eventually got into work at the London escort office I felt particularly deserving of a huge cup of coffee.

Still stressed, I partly regretted agreeing to help my friend and causing myself such a hassle-some morning, but consoled myself with the fact that now he owed me one! Well, to be honest, he’s helped me out a couple of times before so we’re probably about even now. I guess one of the best things about friendships is being able to rely on each other for favours and support. There have been times in my life when I’ve felt that a good friend has saved me – literally. Like the time I was so drunk I didn’t realise I was about to topple over a cliff and my best mate just grabbed me before a strong gust of wind caught us both. And the time another friend drove ninety miles thought the night to come to my assistance when I got thrown out of my rented accommodation while at university. He helped me collect all my stuff and transport it to a hostel, and then search for new digs. I’ll never forget his support at that very bad time.Make special relationship in London

Although it can be a hassle to help friends out sometimes, I think it’s definitely worth it in the long run. When I think about the times people have come to my aid it makes me feel more motivated to assist my friends whenever I can. Luckily it’s not always difficult to help – sometimes it’s surprisingly easy. A few years ago, for example, a good friend of mine was feeling very down and his confidence had hit rock bottom. Knowing I had to do something a little drastic to shake him out of it, I simply picked a busty escort in London to go on a date with him! The gesture was incredibly successful! He had a lovely evening and was brought to the realisation that he is in fact an attractive person with a lot to offer. Blonde escorts in London are very good indeed at increasing a man’s sense of self-worth!

I think helping out friends really has to be one of life’s priorities, be it via driving them to the airport, taking them to Church or the pub, or even setting them up with a beautiful London escort.

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