Escorts is addiction?

Up until recently I thought that giving up smoking was probably the most difficult habit to kick, hundreds of thousands of people try to give up smoking each year and a large percentage of them fail miserably. It is understandable as to why people find it so difficult to gi8ve up smoking, nicotine is known as one of the most addictive chemicals in the world if not the most addictive, so inevitably it is going to be very difficult for someone who’s body is used to nicotine to just give it up.

Facebook is another matter however. I was speaking to a London escort the other night and she was explaining that one of her friends was trying to “give up Facebook” but she couldn’t do it. Now I won’t expose her name, but the friend of the London escort needs some  help if she can’t give up Facebook.

The thing is that it is not only the friend of London escort that I spoke to who has this problem, there are a lot of people out there that want to shut down their Facebook account but they just can’t do it and I do not really understand why. I tend to think that Facebook causes more problems than it solves, I have a good few mates who have had girlfriend troubles all because of the social networking site. I even have a mate who I think I have spoken about before who ended up breaking up with his girlfriend of 3 years all because of a couple of pictures of him with a London escort that were posted on Facebook. He had not actually hired her she was just on a night out with us and happened to be in a picture with him.

I think that a lot of people feel as though they would be missing out if they were to shut down their Facebook accounts, especially people in relationships, they would not want to quit it because they feel as though things may be going on behind their backs.

I actually think that in another 10 years time people will have to go to therapy in order to give up Facebook, maybe more and more people will be hiring busty escorts in London to take their mind off of social networking, but either way it looks as though giving up Facebook may actually become more difficult than giving up smoking.

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