Enjoy snowfall with London Escorts

With all the freezing cold and miserable weather that we have been having over the last couple of months, the likelihood that people want to go away to somewhere even colder and with even more snow is quite low. But there are a select few of you out there who crave that soft white snow, especially when It is draped over a mountain just begging you to ski or board down it. Of course I am talking about a ski holiday, one of the only worthwhile activities to travel to such a cold destination for. I myself do love a bit of snowboarding, I ski too but having been in many a habitual argument regarding who looks cooler on the slopes I have to say that my allegiance lie firmly with the snowboarders.

Of course this kind of trip is not appealing for everyone, for a lot of people the idea of having to pack even warmer clothes than they would if they were to be staying in the UK is not appealing. Sun, sea and sand is often the holy-grail for any Brit that is going abroad, simply because we don’t have much of it ourselves. If you too are a big fan of hitting the slopes in the winter months, but you can’t seem to convince anyone that temperatures below -10 can still provide fun times then try giving one of our Cool London Escorts a call, there is no question that our girls would be up for that.
I am not at all trying to sell ski holidays to those that do not feel like them, but they can really be good fun. There isn’t many better feelings then getting to the top of a run, first thing in the morning when the snow is still fresh and hasn’t yet been skied on and just cruising down, taking in the sights while you go. Now imagine that exact same scene, but with a busty escort from London skiing right next to you, bliss!

One your time on the slopes is done by around 4pm there is till plenty to do, most people will head back to their hotels or ski lodge’s, get changed and go out for some food (I must warn you skiing really rev’s up your appetite, you’ll find yourself eating a lot more than usual but it feels well deserved.) Depending on where you go there are often quite a few lively bars and small nightclubs that people will attend after dinner, and you don’t need me to tell you how much more fun this will be with a sexy escort from London partying with you.

This does make it difficult to get up early the next morning but at least you’ll be waking up with a London escort by your side.

Skiing doesn’t sound so bad now does it

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