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There are certain things in life that split opinion to the point of arguing, whether cats are better pets than dogs is one of these things. If you find people passionate enough about animals then you can often see an argument ensue as both sides try to get across their points as to why one is better than the other. It is much like when you get a group of guys together and they argue about whether blondes London escorts are better than brunette escorts in London, it can get quite heated and passionate, but it is all in good fun. I myself have been trying to work out whether cats or dogs make better pets as I want to have an animal in the house as I always have since a child. The trouble is that I have had both cats and dogs and as a result I have often been a bit of a fence sitter when it comes to choosing between the two.

Both of them have their qualities, dogs tend to be a bit more loyal and of course if you get a particular kind of dog they can offer a sense of security for your home. But cats are much cooler animals, they tend to look after themselves, they are very self sufficient and only really rely on us for food and water.

Although it is more difficult to gain the affections of a cat it is actually a bit more rewarding I have found as you will be aware of the effort that you have had to put into gaining the trust of the animal.

I have been asking the opinions of some of the girls at the London escort HQ and typically they are very divided as well. Some of the girls say that they prefer dogs because they can protect them where as others seemed to be quite scared of dogs as they did not feel that they could trust them.

That is the problem with dogs, if you do not have them properly trained then they can be quite dangerous, one of the escorts in London mentioned that she had been bitten by a dog once, it was a friends dog that she was stroking and it decided to bite her for no apparent reason. I think that this story put me off the idea of a dog a bit and I am leaning more toward cats, if only it was that easy when it comes to blonde escorts in London and brunette ones!

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