The Best Escorts in the Best City

The Best Escorts in the Best City

Despite living in such a vibrant city as London where there is always something happening, it’s odd that I should ever have thoughts such as ‘There’s nothing to do’, ‘It’s boring’, ‘I’ve been everywhere’. Obviously such sentiments are complete nonsense for anyone in London – a city that happens to be the biggest in Europe (it covers 620sq miles), has over 100 theatres, over 200 museums, 62,000 music performances a year (17% of which are free!), the largest football stadium in the world (Wembley), around 100 cinemas, roughly 200 festivals per year, the world’s most popular modern art gallery (the Tate), over 50 High Streets and more than 11,000 restaurants. On top of this, endless numbers of sporting events, attractions, clubs, societies, libraries and markets. Still think you’ve seen it all?!

The fact is, I think there’s almost too much choice. Sometimes the idea of investigating a new prospect seems like an effort, so we stick to our usual haunts and end up feeling bored. Visitors to London probably also face a similar dilemma  – if you’ve only got a few days in a city with such mind-boggling variety, how do you choose which places to visit? Lonely Planet may offer a few words of advice, but only really skims the surface of what’s on offer. A London escort agency will probably be able to provide more tips than a travel guide, as good venues are part of their business.

And then of course, despite being served by a vast transport network, London is heavily populated and hectically busy, necessitating a bit of planning to get the most from your time. The Tube will whiz you from Trafalgar Square to Waterloo in minutes, but be prepared for a cosy journey in a sardine tin and an onslaught of stressed commuters. Even if you splash out on a taxi, there’s the manic traffic to negotiate. These things should not deter the committed hedonist however – it’s all part of the ‘London Experience’ after all.

Even more important than choosing where to visit as a casual tourist is choosing where to go on dates. Early dates benefit from an ‘experience’ that you can both share and discuss, thus taking some of the pressure of that you might feel on a more ordinary date where the need to make conversation is undiluted (for example, over a meal). I much prefer this kind of date as it’s generally more memorable and quickly breaks down barriers with the other person.

As a blonde escort working in London I get to go on a lot of dates. While I would say that the person you’re with is the most significant factor in how likely you are to enjoy a date, the venue is a close second. There are some well-established favourites that come up again and again – particular restaurants and bars, the Planetarium, Leicester Square, Soho. I like all these places and tend to enjoy having dates there although sometimes it can be a little repetitive. The Tate Modern never changes much from week to week, although they do hold temporary exhibitions and installations to keep things interesting. Last week I was lucky enough to be taken to the Gaughin exhibition there and had the chance to learn about an artist who had previously been quite unfamiliar to me. And the Tate has the benefit of being in a great location – opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral via the wobbly Millennium Bridge, and close to all the attractions and bars on the South Bank.

One of my best dates happened just before Christmas when a Swedish client took me to the Ice Bar in Heddon Street (it’s just off Regent St.) I mention the fact he was Swedish because, as I later found out, the ice that the bar is sculpted from apparently come from the pure waters of a Swedish river, and is cleverly designed by Swedish artists once installed. I think my date was keen to boast about his homeland’s lovely ice!

I have to say it was all very impressive. Everything in the bar, including the bar itself, and even the glass you drink from, is made of ice! The whole room is kept at –5 degrees. Now, while I wouldn’t normally chose to spend time in a freezer, especially when it’s so cold outside too, this bar is a true novelty that provides a great talking point and series of photographic opportunities for dating couples or groups of friends. You go into the freezer for 40 minutes to explore the ice sculptures and cuddle up to your date when the cold kicks in. Just as the cold begins to irk you’re released into the rest of the establishment, consisting of top quality bars and lounges – all at normal temperature.

After this interesting experience, my date and I were getting on like a house in fire, and we decided to find an interesting little bar to round off the evening. We followed the advice of our taxi driver, who whisked us to Scooter caffé, close to Waterloo Tube station. This was a really eccentric, charming little bar with lots to look at on the walls and a personable atmosphere that made me feel like a regular.

The evening was a perfect example of the interesting dates that can be conjured up with a little imagination and ten minutes on Google!