Why duo escorts are so famous in London

I’ve had to take quite a few lengthy train journeys so far this year. Like many of the London escorts, most of my family and a good number of my friends live a long way from the city. For example, my parents are in Norwich, my brother’s in Sunderland, and I have close friends in places as far-flung as Edinburgh, Inverness, Truro and Bangor. Every now and then I go on a bit of a mission to visit as many of these people as possible, and end up spending a fortune on train fare. But it’s just one of those things you have to do occasionally to maintain the bond, especially if they visited you the last time round. I used to do a lot of the trips in my car but it’s got a bit decrepit in its old age and I wouldn’t trust it to be able to cope with the long journeys. I also tried using coaches a couple of times, but it always ends up being a total nightmare. The National Express to Truro took almost eight bum-numbing hours, during which I had plenty of time to reflect on my foolishness in thinking it would be worth it in exchange for a cut-price ticket.

So although I find the trains much more bearable than the roads for long journeys, I really couldn’t say I enjoy them. I think this is worth mentioning as I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people say that they ‘love long train journeys’. All I can surmise from this type of statement is that these lucky individuals have at some point experienced a highly pleasurable and romantic holiday on one of the world’s great train journeys, in exquisite comfort – for example on the Orient express. I’m sure I would still get bored – after all a train is still a train, even if it does have five different buffet cars – but I can sort of see the appeal of this kind of adventure. So this must be what people are talking about. They can’t seriously be referring to the grotty Great Northern service from London to Edinburgh? They surely can’t take that much enjoyment from being cooped up in a chilly, dirty carriage for five hours with annoying and noisy people, trying to peer through the grimy windows at the mostly uninspiring landscape? Not my idea of fun.

However, duo escorts in London and busty escorts in London reminded me that interesting things do occasionally happen on trains (especially in movies it seems). Occasionally they meet someone and make a new friend, or even see someone famous, and another time the police jumped on at the station and arrested someone!

London escorts have formidable people- awareness, and enjoy watching couples to analyse their relationship. So watch out for busty young beauties observing you the next time you have a fight on a train with your other half!

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